That’s it!  My word for 2018…You see, it occurs to me that more often than not, we set “resolutions” during the transition from one year to the next…resolutions that are almost never fulfilled.  What if, instead of a resolution, we resolved to establish one word for the upcoming year?  One word that would govern every action, every choice, every thought – every day. Initially I wanted my word to be Love for this year – love more, love more often, love deeper.  But, it’s not enough.   Matthew 6:33 says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else will be added unto you”.  When we seek first to honor Him and obey Him, God promises to meet all our needs according to “His glorious riches in Christ Jesus”.  But we must be intentional about these things – seeking first His Kingdom – it doesn’t happen by accident.  So, my word for 2018 is “Intentional”.

So to start with intention – I will seek to obey.  For the past 5 years, God has put on my heart to write.  Every year I sit down as ask “what do you want me to write?”  It is with resounding assurance that I know I am here for a reason; that every experience in my life has a purpose –  that I am to share with others the hope that I have through Jesus, in spite of – and in some cases BECAUSE of – the many trials and struggles I have faced.  But where do I start?  That is the BIG question – there is so much to write about, so where do I start?  Today, I resolve to be Intentional about answering this call – in small, bite size steps, progressing each day toward the goal…through this Blog.

The title of this Blog is Beauty from Ashes…so that’s where I will begin.  Pain and trials are inevitable in this life.  We know that – God promises that.  But what do we do with all of it?  God promises that He knows our pain, our tears and our trials….and He won’t waste a single one.

My life has been hard.  I have been through more in 47 years than most people will experience in a lifetime.  But today I am blessed – redeemed – chosen – loved – and treasured.  Each day I will share an experience from my life – and the lesson I believe was gained from it.  It is my sincerest desire to instill hope in the heart of those who are suffering through a trial; to encourage joy and peace through the choice to praise God with a thankful heart, even when our heart is breaking.  I pray you are blessed in some small way, and most importantly, that you will bless others with the truths of God’s Word and His unfailing Love for His children.

Let’s ring in the new year together – Intentionally!

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